Are You Cool Enough?

Times are changing. The warm inviting colors are going out and the cool and more modern colors are coming in. Grays and whites are coming in, and they’re coming in with a roar! This color scheme is a hard one to do for most households because it almost means changing everything in their house – everything from their couches, to curtains, to carpets, pictures and decorations, and especially paint.

The older warmer colors don’t mesh all that well with the newer cooler colors. Painting is one of the easiest, and most dramatic change that you can do to your home to get it more in line with the times…but be careful! Choose your color wisely! If you go too gray, you risk creating a disjointed looking and feeling house. There are some colors I call ‘cheater grays’ that will get you started on the right path to moving your house into this new look and feel.

Here are three colors that are technically in the gray family, but still have a warmer tone to them so they won’t clash with what you currently have in your home. These colors are from Sherwin Williams:

SW 7015 Repose Gray

Repose grey


SW 7029 Agreeable Gray



SW 7030 Anew Gray

anew grey2

anew grey


Again, I call these ‘cheater grays’ because they are gray, but they will still blend well with brown cabinets, the brownish carpets and every other warm item you have in your house. Even though they will most likely go with your décor, please still buy a sample of the colors you think might work and paint a small test spot in several walls in your house. Once that is done and the paint has dried, stare at them at different times of the day (the different lights of the day will make the color look differently) and you will come to a conclusion on what paint color will match best in your home.


Good luck with getting your house up to the cooler colors! It might be a long process, but I hope that these tips and colors will help you along that cooler journey.


Happy Painting!