How to Decorate your Front Porch for Fall

We don’t know if it’s the color, the chill in the air, or the anticipation of the upcoming holidays, but we cannot get enough of fall. Does anyone else, like us, feel the great desire to decorate your front porch for fall?

We’ve been pouring over Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts alike to get inspiration for our fall front porch decor. Here are the trends we’ve noticed:

Autumn Wreathes

Wreathes, wreathes, and more wreathes. If the face of your door is not currently bedecked in autumn plumes, then you’re missing our on one of the simplest ways to show off your autumn spirit. Whether you design your wreath yourself of acquire one from a craft or decor store, a wreath will give your front porch a significant pop of fall spirit.

Decorate your Front Porch with Mums

Let’s face it. Nothing says fall like a hefty pot of fall-colored mums. If you can spring for a big planter-full, you’ll revel in the colors of the season. But even a mid-sized pot will add to the spirit.

Add a Pumpkin (or Seven)

This probably goes without saying, but pumpkins are the epitome of the fall season. Even just one pumpkin at the foot of your doorstep will add some festive merriment. But if you can put together a collection of multi-colored, multi-sized pumpkins then all the better.

Spring for a Touch of Coziness

Do you have chairs or porch swings? Add some comfort while you decorate your front porch for fall by adding some comfy pillows and cozy throws to your outdoor furniture.

Consider your Front Door Color

Consider your door color. Is it bright turquoise and better suited for spring or summer? A front door is an easy painting task to manage (or a cheap task to hire a professional to repaint). Consider a door color that will make the season’s transition even more beautiful, such as black, white, cocoa, gold, adobe, crimson, plum, or forest green.

Corn Stalks and Scarecrows

No “Decorate your front porch for fall” post would be complete without weathered corn stalks and scarecrows. Don’t go overboard, though. These are a mark of fall decoration only because they can be quickly overdone. By using judiciousness, you can be tasteful and seasonal simultaneously.

Find a Fall Garland

A seasonal garland is no longer just for Christmas months. Add a fall leaf border to your doorway for an extra pop of color. If you’re feeling extra festive, wind in some lanterns or twinkle lights.