Professional Painting Company vs. Painting Contractor

When people are searching for a professional to help them complete their interior or exterior painting project, they find that perhaps the search process isn’t always as simple as they’d hoped. Do you hire a painting contractor off an online classifieds listing or do you go with a professional painting company?

While some painting contractors will offer cheaper prices, especially during the off-season, most homeowners find that the risk of an un-vetted, potentially unlicensed or uninsured contractor is not worth the savings.

Many of our owners and crew members have worked as a painting contractor at one time or another, but we’ve all made the switch to performing services with the Painter1 professional paining company:  reliable quality, professionalism, and trust.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider a professional painting company over an independent painting contractor:

Licensed, bonded and insured

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional painting company is that they eliminate the risk of working with an unlicensed or uninsured painting contractor. Individual painting contractors, especially ones who are good salesmen, can sometimes get away with selling their services regardless of whether or not they maintain the proper licensing, bonds, or insurance. In the event of an accident, these contractors may not properly take ownership of the situation. Has anyone ever had the experience of the contractor that suddenly stops answering his or her phone?

A professional painting company upholds — and is held to — higher standards, which translates into more secure, less-risky service.

Professional painting companies can’t “fly by night”

There’s a term for painting contractors that come and go, call themselves by different names, or disappear without a trace:  “fly by night” contractors. A painting contractor may tell you he’s been in business for two decades but only have two months of online reviews to their name. A professional painting service company doesn’t have the benefit of a cloaked disappearing act to escape negative feedback or reviews.

Professional painter company

This means you know that your professional painting company is always going to back up their services. Most professional painting companies, regardless of whether they’re independently-owned franchises or corporate-owned multi-location painting services, are part of a greater whole in which reputation and service are taken seriously.

A good way to vet your professional painting service is to search “their company name + reviews” online. If you find multiple locations with many excellent reviews, then you know you’ve found a company that has processes and training in place to always provide excellent service.

Partnerships and relationships

Professional painting companies have a better opportunity to create professional relationships with paint and painting supply companies. These relationships typically allow them to maintain more up-to-date equipment and higher quality paint without the cost of those goods being passed onto the homeowner. Better equipment such as sprayers, pressure washers, or scaffolding means the quality of work increases, and higher quality paint means the homeowner’s paint job lasts longer.

Training processes

One of the benefits of a good professional painting company is that there’s an operational team in place whose sole job it is to make sure the company is providing the best painting service possible.

While there are a few professional painting companies act as the salesman for painting services then flip through their rolodex of contractors to complete the job, most painting companies take their crews more seriously. A great professional painting company has rigorous time-tested training standard for each of their painting team members, ensuring a standard of service that can’t be matched by individuals or non-dedicated crews.

Background Checks

Since painting companies are responsibility for the actions of their painters, most good painting companies do stringent backgrounds checks on each of their painters. There is more accountability in a professional painting company because each team member answers not only to the homeowner but also to the professional painting company system. More accountability means there are more rules and regulations in any painting company to ensure the painters going to clients’ homes are safe, trustworthy, trained, and heavily vetted.

Dedicated to their projects

If anyone has worked with a contractor that has been delayed because “another project came up,” then you understand the pain of having a contractor who is only interested in the biggest job. A painting company has personnel and financial processes in place to ensure that variable job load doesn’t affect the level of service for any customer, big or small.